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P229 Legion, new to me

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I picked this up a couple days ago. Born May of 2017, been sitting in a safe for years, so it was kinda dry.

Thorough clean and lube before I took it out yesterday. It (of course) took everything I fed it for 250 rounds.

I love the trigger on this guy! My usual carry is a Secret Service return in .357sig, so this felt super easy. Has definitely earned a carry position, as soon as my Upper Hand Teotwawki holster gets here!


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Congrats. Load her up with some fresh GD +P and you’re good to go. I have Legion P229s in 9mm, 357 and 40 and recoil is a non issue for me. I like the way the 9mm and 357 distribute their respective recoils. More front/back versus the 40 which feels more up/down to me.
Nice find. 229's (especially the Legions) are sweet guns. Love the Legion grips.
Very nice! Congrats, enjoy your new gun.
Very nice. I have a P229 Legion but in SAO. Just picked up a 2017 P226 Legion DA/SA and look forward to bringing it home in a few weeks.
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Man those are hard to find. Trust me, I’ve looked.

Fantastic Legion. It's one of my flattest shooters! Congrats!!
I love the way the P229 fits my smaller hands. And on top of that, they are fantastic to shoot. Very accurate and love the feel of the trigger.
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