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P229 jamming/ejection issue

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I recently acquired a p229 made in 2008. There was only one previous owner and he said he had shot less than 800 rounds through it. I shot the pistol for the first time one day before my ccw class with no problems, and really liked it. At the qualification for ccw, the pistol jammed (did not eject spent cartridge) twice. I wanted to get back in the range after the class to see what was going on with the pistol, but the range closed before the class was over. Today I got out and ran some different ammo (MagSafe) through it that I got at the range. The same thing kept happening. I tried loading the mags half full, full, loaded with federal, loaded with MagSafe... It did not seem to matter. The pistol was clean and lubricated, although I only used oil on the slide/rails and have been reading that I should use grease. Is it possible that grease (or the lack of) is causing this?! I am also wondering if sig made a heavier aftermarket spring for the 229 that could help the slide slam shut. I put a spent shell in the barrel and pulled the slide back 1/3 and released it, and it wouldn't grab the shell. When I pulled the slide back all the way and released it, it grabbed the shell and ejected it when I pulled the slide back again. I looked at the extractor, and it looks ok.
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Welcome to the forum from Pennsylvania.

From what I am reading, it sounds like an extractor or extractor spring is broken. This would cause poor extraction.

Extrator damage can be caused by manually chambering a round (not from a magazine) and then allowing the slide to slam shut. The extractor has to forcefully find its way around the rim and position itself. After repeated cycles such as this, the extractor can some times fail. Not saying that this is the cause, just a possibility.
Try contacting Sig Sauer Customer Service. Here is their contact info:

SIG SAUER Customer Service Department:
Phone: (603) 772-2302 (press #3 for Customer Service)
Please be advised that our customer service phones have peak call times and you may wait several minutes for a representative if calling at these times. Our peak call times are, Monday 10am - 4pm, Tuesday through Friday 11am - 2pm.

Please note: If you are call about information or service on an existing firearm, please be sure to have the serial number ready for the customer service representative.

For your convenience, please refer to our FAQ page prior to submitting your inquiry.
Fax: (603) 772-1481

Monday thru Friday 8:30am to 6:00pm EST.

US Mail:
Customer Service Dept.
18 Industrial Drive
Exeter, NH 03833-4557
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I called customer service and all that they really had to say was that I could send it in and have it looked at.

I picked up some moly-graphite lube and applied a thin ribbon to the rail and cycled the slide a dozen times. I then took it outside and fired 2 different brands of ammo from 2 different clips with no ejection issues. It is working well so far! Thanks for your input. I really love this pistol, but might have to get a different pistol for CC. I am having a hard time finding a concealment solution that does not "print" the weapon. The only place I can really get it concealed well is in a neoprene iwb in the front in the crotch area, and although there is little chance of an accidental discharge there... it just makes me nervous. It is also uncomfortable to sit with the gun in that position as well. That is an issue as I am in and out of a vehicle all day. Any suggestions from a 229 CCW holder would be greatly appreciated.
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If the gun appears to be functioning after you lubed the rails, I think you're onto something.

I like grease on the rails of my SIGs--frame rails and slide rails. I don't use as much as some recommend but a good coating nevertheless. There's a lot of different greases out there. The ones I've used and like are Enos's Slide Glide Lite, MilComm TW25b, Wilson Combat Ultima Lube II and Shooter's Choice. I'm not familiar with the lube you mentioned but there's plenty of excellent lubrication products available.

But mainly, I think you should get out and shoot the heck out of the gun. Lube it well and get to the range and run a lot of rounds through it. I seldom feel totally comfortable with any gun I might use for self defense until I've put at least 500 rounds through it without malfunction. If the gun still has issues on the range, a trip to SIG will be in order. If it's functioning properly after a thorough greasing, the range time will give you confidence in the pistol. Even if SIG has to work on the gun, once you get it back you should shoot the heck out of it until you feel comfortable with it. If you never feel comfortable carrying it after lots of range time, it's time to look for another pistol.
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I imagine a premature or accidental discharge could happen from time to time especially when you get older & I would imagine it may depend on who you are with at the time..

I have a DeSantis IWB holster called tuck this 2 & I like it.. Try wearing it just rear of your hip kind of where you carry your wallet & see it that works out for ya..
Just got back from the range-

I shot 95 rounds federal ammo through the pistol without an issue. This is really an amazing pistol. I am not an incredible shot, but my last two targets were impressive. I am actually more comfortable with the double/single action than I thought I would be. Attached is a photo of the last two targets shot with the final 3 mags. :SIG:


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I bought new 229 stainles elite and I have ejectiong problem.
Sometimes but TOO often empty chamber stays in barrel and jamm.
What to do and it is my carry gun.
Ishoot true him abouth 500-600 rounds...
I bought new 229 stainles elite and I have ejectiong problem.
Sometimes but TOO often empty chamber stays in barrel and jamm.
What to do and it is my carry gun.
Ishoot true him abouth 500-600 rounds...
If this happens with the same brand of ammo then try a different brand.
I have 3 P229's along with a number of other Sigs and the only time I have had failure to eject was with WWB ammo. All other seems to function perfectly. My standard range ammo is UMC or more recently Fiocchi. IMHO you should be able to assemble a Sig totally dry, bury it in the sand for a week and pull it out and have it shoot 100%. (Not good for the gun but it should function).

I have mentioned this before but way back in the old days there was an ex-military guy who ran a forum who supposedly ran his P226 for 10K rounds without any servicing or cleaning and had no failures at all.

Anything less should be suspect most especially if you intend to carry it. I use grease on the sliding parts now but for years used CLP as my only lube and other than above have never had any failures of any kind.
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