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P229 barrel differences or variants

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I have had a number of P229s and had never paid attention to the differences in the barrels and now I'm curious to find out, so I'm reaching out to the pros here.

In particular, I'm showing 2 different barrels in which one (on left) has a non-coated hood top and small triangle at the front edge. The other (on right) is uniformly coated and has a C on the side. The stampings are also different.

IIRC that the first barrel (left) came with an SSE model but the barrel ended up staying with my Legion when I sold the SSE. As to the other barrel (right) , my internet sleuthing revealed that it's a chrome-lined barrel but I'm more inclined to believe that it represents a Kalifornia-compliant variant (see notch for loaded chamber indicator tab).

Anyone have some reliable info on any of this?
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Age has a difference too, as Sig has changed fonts over time, in this case they are both P229-1 Barrels, and you are correct, as the Barrel on the right appears to be cut for a LCI. Even the "finish" has changed over time, while your Legion Barrel may have had a PVD finish similar to the Legion's finish, other models wouldn't necessarily have had it. Some vintages had DLC finishes which would hold up to wear, very well over time, but likely cost a little more, than Sig determined was really needed.
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Both of those barrels are US made. I believe the C means chromoly. There's also the original German made barrels which are blued.
Here's what the German barrels look like. Notice the different font:

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