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P226 Tacops drop/thigh holster

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anyone have any links to sites for a P226 thigh holster?

really would like to have it low on my right thigh off my web belt

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Safariland should be in the top of your list. Have you considered a mid ride? Like the TRex arms ragnarok set ups?I found that a mid ride doesn’t move or pendulum as much as a true thigh rig. Specially if you are running a heavy gun.
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G-Code has several options from an extreme drop/thigh holster, to a lower belt ride height. XST holster: Edge Works ( My P226 fits easily in the P226 MK25 "fit" version...

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Check this out on Amazon
Safariland 6004 Black Sig P220, P226 SLS Hood Tactical Gun Holster
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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