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P226 Elite SAO

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My 226 stops short of battery by an extremely small amount 1/32 or 1/64th. have to bump back of slide to stop a dead trigger. It's always on a mag change. Typically when I run a mag in I either hit the mag well firmly or my support palm firmly enough to throw the pistol off of slide lock. And it's now in full battery 1,000's of times.
I shoot in a couple of indoor leagues almost every week. Approx 100 rounds a week. The Sig mags would get tired of hitting concrete. They would all work fine as the first mag but the second mag from time to time would eject the top round while going into the mag well on the way up and various other problems. My son is on this forum, probably alot, when he owns Sigs. Changes cars and guns a whole lot. He said he read on here about changing to Mec-Gar. Which I did. Fantastic mags. Zero mag change problems now.
Been running Mec-Gar for 2 months, zero problems. Couple times last week and the week before I had to bump the slide to get back going. This week I cleaned it extremely clean and lubed normal points and wear spots as well. Did same thing. Washed the guide rod and spring down with REM oil. Next run did fine. Next two same thing, barely out of battery. At least 4,000 rounds on this 16month old Sig, possibly 5,000, no more than 6,000. What is the problem?
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Thanks, was 90% sure that would be the answer, but a couple of other guys who shoot a Sig 226 said they had put lighter than factory springs in. Seems like mine is still stronger than theirs. Guess it's not the same. Will change the spring. Any recommendations? Factory only?
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