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Hello all, I have a question regarding my Sig P220R, I haven't been able to find a viable answer online, so I signed up here.

Anyway, as I was stripping it down to clean it of the factory lubricant and stuff, I noticed the barrel is sitting low in the front, is this normal? If not, what should I do about it? It's a new firearm.

I've attached an image of it. Thank you for any help.


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WolfBalloon, welcome to the forum, from the southwestern corner of Indiana. As the others have stated, that is how the barrel locks into the slide for firing.
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To expand just a bit on bblr's informed answer:

If you remove and carefully inspect the hole at the front of the slide, you will notice that it is not a simple parallel sided straight hole. It is normally first bored at the precise angle the barrel will be at lock up, in battery. Then that bore or hole in the slide must be relieved (machined at an angle to allow clearance above the barrel at the front (muzzle) end of the hole, and at bottom or underside of the barrel at the rear of the slide hole. This relieve bore will be just enough to allow the breech end of the barrel to cam down at barrel unlock, and then move further as needed due to geometry as the slide moves fully aft in recoil. Obviously these clearances want to be as snug as can be for optimal accuracy . . . and hence the reason for those wear "smileys" on many SIG barrels.

The smileys are a good hint the barrel and hole in the slide should be cleaned and greased whenever you lube your SIG, both for optimal function as well as to maintain accuracy by minimizing wear.
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