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P220 Dark Elite Carry... ?

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So, I have a line on a 2010ish P220 Dark Elite Carry...
Night Sites are burnt out, finish appears decent for its age, and has approximately 1300rds fired.

Saw a couple on GB starting at $699...
Should I jump on the local option at $750?

Seller doesn't know the production year, and is the second owner.
I am definitely interested, but just not sure if I want to spend that much on a used pistol with an unknown history.

What are your thoughts?

Really wish Sig would have kept these in production, as I do not really dig the current Stainless option.
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Sights are probably just dim, if they are burned out then they are either defective or older than 12 years old, but don't think the Dark Elite has been made that long. Could replace with Dawson Precision sights. I sold the aluminum grips on mine and replaced with piranhas. It's a pretty sweet pistol, but now discontinued so I wouldn't go that high.
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