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P220 compact sas vs p245

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Ive been doing some research (googling ) on buying my first sig and im really liking the p220 combat

Im just woundering about saving money by find a used p245 instead

Any diffrences in quality/reliability that any of you have experienced?

Anyone have experienced how big of a diffrence the srt trigger makes?

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srt can be added to most sigs.

combat is full size where compact & 245 have the shorter, 3.9" barrel.

compact an be da/sa or sao...i've never seen an sao 245(might be one though).

245 has shorter mags but can be swapped for compact mags or compact base-plates.

245 has an internal extractor & folded slide.
compact has the external extractor & stainless slide, both are reliable.

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I have the P220 SAS Compact and it shoots more accurately and softly than my full size version! This gun feels like it was made for me. It is carried 6+1 with a reload, or 2. I'm not a fan of the spray and pray philosophy. If I can't solve the problem with 19 rounds, I made a huge error and should have brought along some friends with M4's!

Seriously, this puppy cuts one ragged hole at 50' with hardball. I went and had Magna-Port work its magic on the barrel and slide to see if it would help reacquiring for follow-up shots. It does help! Magna-Porting is well worth the $165+/- to have it done.

Trigger from the factory........SUCKS! It wasn't even cleaned. Crunchy 12+ lb double action and heavy SA with lots of creep. Hard Arkansas works magic!

Mags: None of the factory mags drop free the 6, 8, 10 rounders all hang up. They reminded me of the Gen 1 Glock mags that you had to rip out.

Squared off trigger guard: They go thru all the trouble to SAS the gun and then they leave square corners on the trigger guard. The P225A1 frame is much better!

None of the above are show stoppers, but a tad bit more thought and QA would have been nice given the price!
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