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P210 rear sight heights

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Had the P210 to the range tonight; wow, what fun it is to shoot such a nice machine.
Mine is the standard model, and it tends to shoot dead on.
Shot a tolerable target at 50' offhand, using a larger, 25 yard bull.
Using the proper 50' bull, the front sight was totally covering the target, which made hitting it a real challenge.
What I need is a higher rear sight for a 6 o'clock hold. SIG doesn't offer any P210 parts on their homepage.
Where might I find various height rear sights for a domestic P210?
Thnx in advance,
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Okay, I'll try to answer my own question. After a great deal of digging, I found a guide to the height of SIG sights, which I will assume apply to the P210. My standard sights were a #6 front and a #8 rear; SIG's website does not offer an endless assortment of sights, but does offer a #8 front.
Increasing the number, whether front or rear, raises the point of impact.
So I ordered the #8, and we'll see if that solves the problem.
I hope you talked to SIG about this before you ordered. They would probably have been your best source.
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Jack#9, did this this AM, and the tech was of the opinion that it would work. I'll have a look when the part shows up; he said the dovetail should be right; the number is.
But what a cluster scrunch; found this great chart of an assortment of numbered SIG f/r sights, and most are not available.
Just not a very heads up response from a heads up outfit...maybe they have already moved on to optics.
ETA- this is driving me a little crazy...took the P210 to our local, indoor 50' range; used a 25 yard target, which left enough bull on either side of the front sight to tell where I was. Pulled two, but the rest were a really respectable, tight group in the my hind legs.
Tried again with the correct, 50' bull, and the front sight covers it completely...I was all over the place. Mentioned all this initially, but it is bugging me.
Good luck. I purchased the target P210 and then installed standard grips. I wanted to be able to to get the max benefit from the pistol's inherent accuracy.
This target is 10 shots at 15 yards, off-hand, with my reloads. I'm an accuracy "nut", but I prefer off-hand up to about 50 yards. I start using something to rest my wrist against, like sandbags or a tree, at 50+ yards. I really want to try for 100 yard "groups" but haven't gotten there yet.
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Nice shooting. Like the simplicity of the fixed sight model, but your group shows why you really want the gun to shoot to the sights.
Okay, my shorter #8 front sight appeared today. I installed it without drama with a Real Avid sight pusher, a Christmas gift from my bride.
The sight pusher made an aggravating job easy; I've drifted lots of sights with brass drifts and assorted hammers; this was much easier.
Hope to get a range run tomorrow to see if it now hits above the front sight.
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