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First time posting here.
Got brand new P226 .40 cal a few months ago. After the first 3 rounds the trigger would not reset, I removed the magazine and cleared it and decocked the hammer. Then I was able to manually push trigger to its reset position, them manually cycling (no ammunition in it) the trigger reset fine. Reloaded it and after a few rounds same thing no resetting.
I called Sig and they said bring it back to the dealer. After a week Got a call to pick it up. They changed the trigger return spring and shot 20 rounds with no problems.
Went to the range and got 3 rounds and no reset again. Dealer is sending it to Sig. Has anyone experienced or heard of this before?

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rjkramerjr, welcome to Sig Talk, from the southwest corner of Indiana. As bearone2 mentioned the trigger bar spring is normally the culprit.

Sometimes the hammer pin can also shift in its position. It is the pin shown by the orange arrow. On the left side, it needs to be flush with the frame and extended on the right side, to "guide" the trigger bar in it's movement. It is also a good idea to place a little grease between the frame and trigger bar in this area.


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I have once some time back. Had a friend with reset issues on an almost new P226. The guy he got it from just wanted to dump it because he was so burned up the gun wouldn't run right. It was sent back to Sig once by the original owner and it didn't get fixed. My buddy asked me to check it out.

I did a detail strip of the frame and found there was a burr on the trigger bar. I polished it for him, put it together and he still has a great shooting gun he got cheap.
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