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P-226 Legion 9mm Slide Kit

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Hey Guys

Just purchased a P-226 Legion but its chambered in 40 s&w....

my question is
1. are the 9mm Legion Slide assembly kits easily obtainable?
2. Is it easier to just get a 9mm Barrel/Recoil Spring?
3. will 9mm magazines fit in the 40 frame....

Semper fidelis
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There are 9mm slides for the Legions, typically you have to get the one with the optic. Direct from Sig
There are conversion barrels from barsto
The 9mm mags fit fine.

Slides that will convert your gun that Sig makes (you need to also buy a barrel and correct recoil spring):
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Here’s an entire slide assembley it’s a Mk25 but will work fine on the Legion.
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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