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Oven cleaner to strip the coating on a P320 Pro Cutslide??

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I am not in love with the paint job and want to strip it and go with plane SS.

1)will striping the paint off be detrimental to the slide fit to FCU and/or the internal parts kit fitment?
2)is oven cleaner GTG, or something better?
3)can I leave the sights on while stripping the paint?
3)will people at the range point fingers at me and say nasty things about my nude slide (as if I care) :]

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Suggestions and opinions

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Question 1; NO
Question 2; bead blast and polish
Question 3; the commando’s at the range will be to busy being commando’s to notice.
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It isn't a finish coating like a paint. It is the result of a chemical process on the surface of the stainless steel.

You can sand it down and polish it, or have SIG bead blast it to make it look like the rest of the satin stainless steel slides from SIG, which are bead blasted.
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Thanks guys
I'll look into getting the factory blast..

I love the coating. It is extreme durable and will be near impossible to remove other than w a full on bead blast and that will round off the very nice definitions of the CNC machine details on the slide. Plus the sight will be totally messed up by any treatment to remove the coating. They have to come off possibly marring finish as well and need to be re-staked etc. If you really dislike the slide so much, sell and buy another
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JJ, depending on our location you may be able to find a bead blaster near by.
The larger coating shops around me (Cerakote, etc) have bead basters. Save
you the wait and shipping.
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