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Optic Cut Slide

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I got a regular 365, that I've been modding out. It's simply a range toy, as I have another that I use for EDC.

I've been going back and forth on a red dot for it, which has me looking at some aftermarket slides. I've come across the Trybe and Live Free Armory slides. They are noticeably cheaper than the Zev or GGP that I can find available. I currently have a GGP on my P320, so I'm slightly leaning that way, to have a "uniform" look between the toys.

I do have a 407k to put on it too. Just didn't want to get the slide itself cut, because of possibly taking the optic back off for any reason. Would rather have something with a plate, that doesn't involve the rear irons.

Just wondering if anyone has any experience with either of these, compared to the bigger names.
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I purchased a P365 about three ago. Since then I installed a XL grip module and a flat trigger. I wanted to add an optic to my P365. I weighed in on getting my P365 slide cut. I opted to purchase a P365X slide from Sig and installed a Holosun 507K green dot. I'm very happy with my decision.
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I got a Sig slide. Good price and 'It's a Sig"
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Check out Norsso Slides. I have their Reptile OG. They are great and best of all they can mill the slide to whatever red dot you are wanting to put on. This is great because you don't need to but or use slide filler plates. I had mine cut for a Trijicon RMRcc. Without needing the filler plate, the red dot sits lower on the slide so you won't need taller, "suppressor" iron sights to co-witness the red dot. Something to think about. Oh, if you have to use suppressor height sights, some of your holsters may not fit anymore.
Sorry, forgot, The Norsso slide has a cut behind the red dot sight for a rear iron sight. Not so with many sig or other red dots.
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