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opinions on optic for MCX 9" 300 BO

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ok folks - looking for your opinions on the best optic for a Sig MCX 9" 300BO rifle. will not be used to shoot any further than 50-75 yards. will be used mostly for target practice. whatcha got? obv the aimpoint comp m4 is in the mix, but curious what others are using / running. will be running it suppressed with sig srd762 supressor 100% of the time.

I'll probably be adding a surefire x400 green laser / light if that makes any difference on what you recommend.
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Yeah, Aimpoint and Trijicon's MRO are good, reliable reflex optics that I have on SIG516 and MCX SBRs. If this is a self defense gun, then those would be my pics.

But, these tiny-toots are expensive too. You mention target practice, and if this 300Blk is only a fun gun, you may want to consider saving big coin with some options that're half or less the price of these battle-proved sights.

Recently, I've heard some good comments about Holosun's red dot. While I don't know anyone that's run Holosun a long time, but over the past several months and hundreds of rounds - Holosun's little 2MOA sight has been great.

Also, my <$100 Primary Arms red dot micro has been running fine on our AK rifle. These AKs, with their big bolts often eat cheap optics, but my PA has never blinked!!

SIG's Romeo red dot may become a good option too. So far, there have been some reliability issues that are not unlike Vortex, Burris and Bushnell's offerings. SIGs cost more than those guys though...

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