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I have saved you all the trouble of asking about a carry holster for my new P220. I ordered a Crossbreed Freedom Carry which is supposed to accommodate a heavier pistol in a number of positions. I am going to give carrying my new Sig a try even though it's heavier than my two other carry guns.

What I really wanted to ask was the second typical question. Is there any ammo that won't work well with this pistol? I usually use Winchester target ammo that my son can get at a discount where he works. I have a box of Remington Golden Saber hollow point I use for carry/defense purposes. It's so expensive that I would rather not go through very much of it at the range to see if it works. I'm assuming that it should work, but I had a gun at one time which had trouble chambering some hollow point rounds so I thought I'd check here.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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