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Hi folks, I'm looking for some info/advice on an older rifle. I'm getting back into hunting after a long time away. Moving to central oregon for a project, and hoping to get a mule deer tag. I've been searching for something in 7mm remington mag, as the high desert terrain in oregon can necessitate some fairly long shots (300 yards isn't uncommon), so I've been skulking around the local gun shops and pawn brokers for a good deal. I stopped in a pawn shop in a little one horse town yesterday and there on the rack among the usual line up of winchesters, remingtons and savages was something that caught my eye. It's a west German made Sauer 200 chambered in 30-06. While the 30-06 is a venerable and widely available round, it's not exactly renowned as the flattest shooter, so I'd been leaning towards either the 270, 7mm, 300 wsm, or even a 308 (although that might be overkill). However, I gotta say, this rifle felt real nice and natural. The stock looks to be in great shape, the barrel has nice thick bluing, and the action is as smooth as the proverbial baby's bottom. It's set up with a cheap Tasco 'golden antler' scope, which will probably have to find a home on one of my old 22's. The asking price is a grand, which is definitely more than I hoped to spend on a rifle that will likely need new optics and isn't exactly chambered in the caliber I want, but damn it sure felt nice, and appears to have spent most of its life in the safe.
The serial number appears to be H5699. Haven't had any luck finding manufacture date online based off that. Online auction prices I've seen for similar models are kind of all over the map from $700 up to $1500. I also understand that the barrels can be swapped out. I'm sure the price could be negotiated down, as this is kind of a beat little town close to the reservation with not much of an economy. Unlikely there's a lot of people walking into this pawn shop looking to spend money.
Any information on price, performance, vintage, parts availability etc is much appreciated.
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