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Old favorite

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I got my P220 out and to the range for some fun today.
I like carrying my P220 a lot. I don’t think it’s out dated at all, in fact it is a timeless design like the 1911!


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Yes, P220s are a time honored Classic... as I recently mentioned, I've increased my holdings of them...
Trigger Air gun Wood Wood stain Gun barrel

Including the "latest" which was picked up as a disassembled "Parts Gun" off of Gun Broker... which was originally a late model DAK...

Trigger Air gun Gun barrel Gun accessory Metal

While now it's a DA/SA with amenities... including new Ameriglo Spartan sights, and a SRT...

Trigger Air gun Gun barrel Wood Gun accessory
Air gun Trigger Gun barrel Wood Gun accessory
Air gun Font Gun barrel Shotgun Aircraft
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The P220 is hands down without a doubt one of the GREATEST 45acp pistols ever built.

The P220 is my all-time favorite 45acp pistol. So much that I have three and looking to increase that. Currently have a WG, Scorpion Elite and an SSE Carry. Hoping to add an SSE, SSE 10MM. Would also really like to get one of each in 9mm, 38 Super and 7.62x21.
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