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Observations on new RX

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I just received my first ever Sig yesterday, a P320c RX. My first observation was the build quality compared to Glock. This Sig, to me, seems to be of much higher quality. The gun is so tight, which I appreciate, as I can't wait to break it in and see how it settles into it's own. The optic is definitely going to take some time to get used to, and I can already tell just by looking through it that I need to stabilize my grip more as I shake more than I thought. Just my initial impressions.
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Enjoy the new SIG! Don't get spooked over what movement you see in the glass. Relax and shoot and you will begin to appreciate the advantages of the optic.
Thanks! No doubt on relaxing. I'm thankful as I didn't notice the little flaws in my grip before. The optic sort of magnifies them. I'm certain I'm going to love it.
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