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Nightmare Carry Holster

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I decided to make a holster for my Nightmare Carry and this is what I came up with. Due to some slight design differences, a Nightmare will not work in a standard 1911 commander holster - especially a true wet molded holster. Anyway, this was my first attempt and I think that it turned out well...

Handgun holster Everyday carry Bullet Material property Rectangle
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Looks pretty damn professional to me…I bet there’s a market!!
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I used to make few holsters to sell, but it became work and I am now retired. I still make a few, but not as many as I used to. If I had a machine to sew them it would be easier - but my old hands can't take to much. What use to take me two days, now takes two weeks - with another two weeks to get over it
It turned out very well. Think of making a cross draw?
Think of making a cross draw?
In all of my years, I have never made a single cross draw holster - but it does give me something to think about...
WOW...that's some fine work...! And you're hand-stitching those babies...? ! ? !

Hat's off to you, sir...!
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You got real skills , looks Awesome 👍
Yeah man that turned out really nice! Leather looks good, stitching looks good. Solid work!!
That looks like it was made at a factory, excellent work!
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First rodeo with leather? Thinking
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