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NHD! Just got my holsters for my new P365 馃

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Vedder(Gray CF):

Light Tuck
Pocket Locker
(10 rd flush fit)
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The pocket locker is a timeless design that just flat works.
I love the carbon fiber look of yours.
I packed a PM40 in this one for about 20 years. Sold it and the holster found itself in a drawer.
Seeing your pics made me go dig it out and voila fits my 365 perfect also. Made me all warm & fuzzy inside. :ROFLMAO:
It needs replaced, the claw is pretty soft and dont grab the inside of the pocket like it used to but like an old pair of slippers... hard to get rid of.
Don Hume made this one. I went and looked and they still make the EXACT same holster today, only difference is mine looks more used lol
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Thanks for posting this. I've been looking for a pocket holster for my 365XL, but all I've seen so far are cloth or rubber. This looks great, just ordered one!
Nice holsters! Really like Vedder鈥檚 products.
When I was rooting around looking thru the Vedders I came across this one. A minimalist design I guess you would call it. Thinking on trying one.
Sure is less bulk in the pocket. made in the USA and 18 bucks makes it worth a try.
If it winds up in the drawer full of "perfect" holsters it will be the cheapest one in there! :ROFLMAO:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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