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I placed an order at a LGS which is really on the small side of the Mom & Pop operations, but the FFL dealer gave me a price that was eighty bucks cheaper then the cheapest I could find at any of the other LGS. I took a chance doing this as I have never bought a gun sight unseen before.

What I got was a Walter PPQ M2 Navy Tactical SD in 9MM, W/threaded barrel. It has a special ported hole that allows the weapon to be fired when flooded. I guess that is important to those who carry in their swimming pool. :lol:

At present, my state of residence does not allow suppressors, but I am hoping that will change moving forward. Pictures posted below are just to give you folks an idea of what it looks like. BTW, it comes with a 15 round mag and a 17 round mag, a separate recoil spring, should I ever go suppressed, and a test target that has 5 shots from 15 meters all in the bull. After taking it home and doing a clean and lube on everything, I as very impressed so far with this item and look forward to some serious range time with this Walther that fits extremely well in my hand and has one of the best darn OEM triggers I have pulled.


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Great pickup! I wish I would have gone navy when I got my PPQ. As it stands I'll probably be bucking up for a threaded barrel at some point. I didn't realize there was a separate spring as well. Good to know.
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