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This site is a firearms related site, but we do have other forums on the site that allow members to participate in other than firearms talk.

After a number of requests, it was decided by the site staff to give Sig Talk a News, Politics and Religion Forum in October 2016.

This forum is for the specific discussions pertaining to current news, politics and religious topics. This is the ONLY forum on the site where any member will be allowed to post or create threads about news, politics or religion.

Any posts or threads made elsewhere on SigTalk will be deleted, and, depending on the circumstances a possible infraction will be issued.

This forum will be largely unmoderated, but we do expect all participants to follow the site rules and behave accordingly.

This forum is NOT automatically a forum that any user can readily access. In order to participate in the forum a member must request that it be added to your profile. Otherwise you will not even see the forum on the site.

If you want to sign up as a member of this forum please send your request to me via Private Conversation and I'll add it to your profile.

We ask that BEFORE you start using the forum, to please fully read and understand the rules of the forum listed as a sticky at the top of the forum. Anyone using the forum is subject to these rules and they will be enforced.
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