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New Wright Predator Master Collection Holster For S&W 686+ Talo 3"

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Just received this new Wright Predator holster for my S&W 686 Plus 3" Talo Edition after a 10-week wait. It has the "Master Collection" upgrade with a double layer of full grain leather on the inside as well as the outside. First impressions: This holster is a leather work of art. Beautifully made, the detailed boning is very nice (you can even see the imprint of the cylinder release button on the inside in the photos. The gun fits perfectly; very snug at first but will break in for just the right amount of retention. The extra layer of leather along with the reinforcement piece on the outside creates a rigid opening. There is no collapse at all when the gun is removed.

The 686 is big and heavy, but this holster conceals it very well for CCW. As you can see in the photos, it causes the gun to ride tight to the body for maximum concealment and minimal printing. I don't plan to CCW this gun very much as I have other guns in my CCW rotation that are much better-suited to that purpose, but it's nice to have the option.

This holster was very expensive, especially with the Master Collection upgrade, but I thought that my 686, being the beautiful gun that it is deserved an equally beautiful holster. Pride of ownership and all that. I guess this will be my new BBQ rig....

By the way, in the below photos, the color appears different in the photos of me wearing the gun than it does in the other photos, but that is just due to the lighting. The photos of the holster by itself is a much more accurate representation of the actual color.

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