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new trigger for 516 patrol

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Does anyone out there in Sigland have a "Geissele" super dynamic 3 gun trigger on there 516 patrol????? It seems like a good trigger for smartassing around..... Thanks
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Thanks to everyone for there opinions, I think I have it figured it out. I have both Sig 716 patrol and the 516 patrol. Here in California, if you didn't get your AR by 12-20-2016, you were SOL and regret really sucks so I bought the two best that I could and am very pleased with there performance. I already had a S&W MP15T and it shoots nice groups as do both the new Sigs. But I see guns like golf clubs, If you have the high end clubs and the best grips and balls, there's nobody or nothing to blame but the guy in the mirror. So I'll start with the SSA-E two stage for the 716 long shooter and the S3G-E highbred for the 516. I'll get the SSA-E first and maybe try it in both. The difference in the "fit" and quality between the S&W15-T and the Sigs is Very easy to see and hear. Sigs are tight and quiet, very well made! The S&W not so much
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