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I debated admitting how much I paid (or not), but I'm here in California and really wanted a Sig P320 9mm. When the LAX range gunsmith offered his up his 5X at a steep price of $2,700 (with holster, 10 mags, romeo01 sight, 2nd grip module, 1911 steel spring holder with 11lb return spring, all springs optimized, 2.5 lb trigger, polished everything: in other words, his $1,000 complete overhaul, plus stock parts in the box) I said no, then a couple of days later I said yes. :D

So now that you know I'm insane (for paying that much), OMG is this gunsmithed wonder a tack driver. I have found my ability (about a 1.125" circle at 7 yards, the rare flyers I can identify exactly what I'm doing wrong). Now, this is only a little tighter than my gunsmithed G34 (range only 2.5 lb polished trigger) which is only a little tighter than my 100% stock Sigpro 2022 (9mm, see username) or P226. Note: My target Sig 1911 and the G34 are about the same for me. :cool:

Malfunctions for me with the P320 5X: None (300 rounds). With only a 2.5 lb striker spring (to help smooth out the trigger vs. stock ~4 lb), I was warned using hard primer ammo (LAX, Fiocci) might have issues. Nope! Although the first two hundred were Federal Eagle (soft primer).

Malfunctions from a friend who has less than a thousand rounds downrange: About 5% of rounds failure to go into battery (5 of 100), I think his left thumb occasionally hits the slide slowing it or maybe it is the looser grip (based off muzzle rise)? That 11lb return spring leaves zero margin for technique errors. But it also allows really fast recovery back onto target. I'm liking that I can just buy Wolf 1911 replacement springs (I think I'll put in a slightly stronger spring, but I haven't decided how much stronger, yet.)

I was at first surprised the front fiber sight was moved to the left a just over a millimeter. Since I had to adjust the vertical 4 audible 'clicks', I figured I would have to adjust the front sight. Nope. It appears that the gunsmith and I just shoot a little different vertically. :p

This is my sixth Sig and now my range favorite (self defense requires more than a 2.5lb trigger). I should note the gunsmith offered to make the trigger lighter and I turned down that offer. For better or worse, when I "feel" to make sure my finger is well centered, I apply about 1.5 lb of force to the trigger. With a friend's CZ SP-01 with a 1.25 lb trigger... I always double tap and often shoot just when trying to find finger to trigger position. Oops... I wanted more control than that. In my defense, I do have large hands.

This is also my first off California roster handgun (legally DROSS'ed).

Man, I'm wishing there wasn't the off roster premium (minimum $300 for a SIG). So take a pricey gun, off roster premium, and then gunsmith time...

I noticed another thread on the 5X trigger for those interested:

Overall, I'd recommend the 5X. Did I error starting high on the P320 family? ;) Now to find the time off work to compete. ;)

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Sounds like a delight to shoot, congrats.
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