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New To Guns - Woman

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For some years I have been wanting to own a gun with having almost zero experience. I fired a 45 once and that got me hooked despite the recoil! :p
I bought a Sig P238 last night. My first gun!!!

Anyway, I am so green to guns but am eager to learn, find out what and where ranges are and to acquire information about permits and legal stuff.

Please feel free to reach out to me so I can make a new family of gun-owning-friends/acquaintances.

Take care and God bless America!

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Welcome, you know it's an addiction right?
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Welcome to [email protected]

Recommend you find a professional instructor and pay for at least a couple one-hour sessions.
Read and heed Jeff Cooper's four laws for gun safety: Cooper's Four Rules
For practice/range ammo check out
For self defense (SD) and home defense (HD) I recommend Hornady Critical Defense ammo: Hornady Manufacturing Company :: Ammunition :: Handgun :: Choose by Caliber :: 380 Auto :: 380 Auto 90 gr FTX® Critical Defense®
Remember, practice doesn't make perfect; perfect practice makes perfect. Set your mind to thinking every shot you make is the one that will save your life.
Here's a couple good vids to watch:
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Welcome from Iowa! That's exactly the kind of people you'll find here and a wealth of knowledge to boot! Congrats on your P238..more will follow lol. :thumbsu:
Welcome aboard.

My advise is:
Step 1. Find a Shooting coach. Be picky. Someone who is.patient, calm, and professional.
Step 2. Book range time. Find.out when the.range is least busy. So you don't feel embarassed.
Step 3. Disassemble and clean the weapon before your first range visit. I have posted some detailed steps on how I think is the best way, but feel free to ask others
Step 4. Go out on the internet and order 1000 rounds of ammunition. I personally use speer lawman target ammunition. It has the highest reliability. That or remington. Stay away from Winchester white box, as it sometimes has issues withsome of the other users here.
Step 5. Spend an hour of one on one classroom coaching on the basics. This will give you confidence before you step into the range.

Have Fun
Welcome aboard.
Welcome to THE friendliest and most helpful gun forum on the net. :)

I've been very pleased to see the growth in interest of firearms among women.

And there is FAR more support in the marketplace for women in terms of concealed carry needs than existed just a few years ago. Many companies and many products. Two great, very reputable, starting places who provide top quality - very well made - products are below.

The Well Armed Woman, Where the Feminine and Firearms Meet

GUN TOTE'N MAMAS - Concealed Carry Handbags by Gun Tote'n Mamas

Again, welcome to our community.
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And what Oswiz Said

Coopers rules are.the most important things to to remember.

And rule number 5 is
When you have finished shooting, safety the weapon and put it away. In.a holster, or on the bench, or in the case, safely put it away.
Welcome from South Jersey
Welcome from Alabama.
Welcome from Texas.
Welcome to sig talk Mo!
Welcome from PA!
Stick around. This a good forum with kits of knowledge.

Get some professional training. It's worth the time and money.

Congrats on the new gun and welcome to the forum.
Congratulations on your new gun and welcome to the forum. Clean it well after each trip to the range and it will be there for you and operate perfectly if you ever need it.
Welcome from S.Calif. You're already getting sound advice. No prob. being green here, I bought my 1911 without ever handling a semi. I had no idea about the controls. Took a gun handling and safety course while gun was in Cali's 10 day quarantine. Best thing I ever did!
Welcome from North Carolina and congratz on the new Sig!
Don't hesitate to ask about's much better to get quality opinions than guess!
There are members here with all levels of experience. I think you'll find many learn when we share experiences, troubleshoot problems and hone technique.
#1 SAFE, take your time....and yes,
God Bless America!
Welcome from MI!
Congratulations on your new SIG.
As has been said, great members here willing to support, listen, offer help and assitance for any questions. Enjoy and Be Safe!
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