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New Sig P320 RX Carry sight-in and Romeo 1 performance

I purchased a new Sig P320 RX Compact on 5/10/17.

I really wanted to add a RMR to my P320 Carry with threaded barrel but decided it was more cost effective to just buy the P320 RX Compact and trade slides. :D

Here is my modified Sig P320 RX Carry with threaded barrel, FDE small grip carry module, GrayGuns PELT trigger, Surefire X300U-B, and 21 rnd mag. I really like this combination.

Finally got the chance to shoot my P320 RX now modified to a Carry with threaded barrel.

Here are the results.

Had to sight in first. The first shots with the Romeo 1 grouped very good. I only had to adjust twice to get the grouping I wanted. I did benchrest this to take out a lot of shooter errors. :rolleyes:

After the initial sight-in, I went from 10 to 15 to 20 yards.

I am pleased. Now to get more time with it to obtain those benchrest groups handheld. ;)

I am also checking out battery life of the Romeo 1. I turn the sight off when I am done shooting. I use the "mid" range of brightness when I shoot. I will see how long this initial battery lasts. The battery was installed in the Romeo 1 when I purchased the gun on 5/10/17.

Here is the P320 Compact I also have, with FDE small grip module and Sig Lite suppressor sights. It also shoots well.:thumbsu:


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But neat pistol and great shooting! :thumbsu:
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