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Hi - SigTalk newbie here from north GA. Happy to join the Forum, and I thank you in advance for sharing your experience and insights.

I just received my P320 C RX from local gun shop. Have not yet taken it to my Club, but it feels great in my hand and the Romeo 1 optic seems perfect. My son has the full size RX, and I enjoyed shooting that. My daily carry is a P238, and I have owned a P226. I will post my first Compact shooting experience soon.

Meanwhile, I thought you might enjoy seeing my new firearm in its new holster. This perfectly fitted Kydex glove is from Red River Tactical, and is really, really sweet. The attention to detail on this holster is like nothing I've ever seen in Kydex - the edges are perfectly smoothed and rounded, the fit is just right, and the graphics, in my humble opinion, are pretty special.

Now, to see if it and its owner shoot well together...


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Welcome to SigTalk and congrats on the 320c. I have one myself that I carry daily. It's a great shooter and completely dependable. You are going to love it. Great purchase! Like your holster as well. Looking good. Greetings from the flat lands of Kansas.
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