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New member, and proud owner of a Sig p6

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Hi everyone, new member from Fort Lauderdale, FL. So happy I found this forum! Im a Proud owner of a 1982 W. German P6. shes a well worn 30 year old, born just 2 moths before me and still shoots SIG true every time :)

I do have a pressing question tho. Since I don't carry this weapon, it's my home defense gun, I was wondering if anyone has ever herd or seen someone mill side rails on a P6? I would really love to put a bright robber blinding tactical light on the gun, but I really don't know how reasonable the idea is. So any advice would be welcome!!



My P6


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Sorry for the oversized photo.... 1st post learning curve I guess lol
you can add to or edit the post in the lower right corner.
sometimes big is good.

i've never heard of it on a p6 & i've had 2 & they were great shooters, just a stiff, da 1st shot pull.

welcome from az
Nice overly sized pic!

Welcome from Virginia.
welcome to a 225 owner, they are the same gun, different names. can't speak to your idea of milling but i do see one problem: you will have next to no chance of getting any grooving right to take a standard light mount.

if you are loking for extra mags, Aimsurplus had them for $15 IIRC I ended up buying four
Thanks for the tips guys!

@vetteguy, yeah I kinda figured the same but thought I'd ask to be sure.. And I'm going to take ur advice on those clips!
Welcome to SIG Talk from California!!! I too have a P6 and think its a great shooting gun!!!
Hello from Ohio..heading your way in a few months for a cruise (fighting to find good airfare and a hotel near the port now).
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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