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New Leather Gun Case

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I bought this new leather floral carved gun case off of the Classifieds here on Sig Talk. It's really very nice. Tom had mentioned in his post that it may have been made in China. & if it had, no worries as it is still very nice. Now, I hadn't had much time to look at this much less tell where it came from until today. I've learned that it's the real deal. Hand carved in Texas by 3D. It's a Nocona Floral Pattern if not mistaken. At any rate, I really like this gun case. Just wanted to share it with yall. I got it for my S&W 27-2 6" Full Target Model
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Nice. Does it zip around the perimeter and open up flat? I use those types when I go to the range and open them up on the table/shelf in front of me. Strict muzzle control rules at my club and when my pistols rugs are opened, the muzzle is already pointed downrange.

Mine are not as nice looking as that one. :)
Thanks guys!
& yes sir, it zips around and opens flat.
I'll post a pic in a bit.
Thanks fellas 🙏
I really appreciate all the kind words
Ya know, I'm gonna get some pics s of it in the sunlight. Those pics aren't the beat inside and RV.
I do like that!!
Yeah man 😃
It's pretty neat eh?
Ya know, a $10 nylon case does the exact same thing but, this has a lot of character and such a nice look & feel. I think a man would be alright havin at least one in his collection
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Here's a pic outside & after I put a little wicked wax on it.
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Is that a Tom Three Person basket weave holster there?
Thank you! & Yessir! 😃
Simply Rugged Tom Threepersons
By far & away the best holster I've ever owned.
It's freakin fantastic- it's a joy to use honestly

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The good folk in Prescott, Az outdid theirselves on this Threepersons- the basketweave is just exceptional!
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Dang, i want one of those.
& I want one of those mag holders!
That's awesome
Mr. Ricky Taggert, I just sent ya an order for a Mag Holder 1911 Right hand shooter!
Nice 20% discount too!
Thank ya, sir 🙏
A beautiful holster, love it for revolvers.'s just perfection imo.
I had a couple made by S.D. Myres, got away from me, though I kept one Myres for a 45. Heres a blurb on the holster you have:
Here is a pic of my Myres holster mad in the 1930s. View attachment 527349
WOW. That's a real gem 💎
Thanks for sharing that & the 411
& I would also like to point out that the hammer strap is an afterthought. The holster itself is plenty strong to hold the gun without a hammer strap. But, that's just the way ghey sent it to me & to be honest, I like the hammer strap as it does prevent the hammer from coming back (trigger is of course exposed /prevent negligent discharge.
That is a very nice gun case!
Thanks bro! 🙏
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