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New Hogue Extreme Grips For P239

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Well, I'm always posting about my EDC P239/9, but I actually have another P239 in .357 SIG. I've been thinking about Hogue aluminum grips for it for awhile now. Just the other day I saw the blue aluminum checkered grips and thought they were kinda cool in a weird way. I liked them, but not enough to pay full price. Well, I got lucky and was able to pick up a used set in the classifieds for a fantastic price from a forum member. Here she is:

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bblr, I knew you were in California... didn't know, it was Haight-Ashbury...

Definitely UNIQUE!!! :D:D:D
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Nice, just picked up a P239 in 9mm with some green/gray G-10 Hogue extreme grips already installed.
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