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New gun, just because

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I’ve never owned a Beretta but I bought this one just because. Not very practical. I will never carry it, sights are almost nonexistent. But it’s cool. I was sorta, kinda considering a suppressor but with a wait time of a year I passed, at my age I think twice about buying green bananas.
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That one looks like a .32acp? I considered the .32acp but went with the .22 rimfire because I wanted some cheap to shoot. Beretta is offering a $75 dollar rebate on both guns.
For a pocket gun, I had the 22lr..Beretta the mid 80's. As with all of my carry guns, when it's range day, which is my backyard, I shoot it directly out of carry mode. It 's good for establishing confidence in the gun. Well, this one went click (after three weeks in my pocket) and got sold the next day. No more carry rimfires for me. I went with the Seecamp .32 rather than try another Minx in .25.
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I used to be a big fan of Seecamp until they were bought out. My most recent Seecamp was a .380 acp. The slide literally beat the receiver to a pulp. I contacted Seecamp and was told that was “normal”. I sold the .380 acp
Seecamp at a loss. I would still like to find a .32 acp Milford Seecamp.
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That looks terrible. I got my .32 very early on. You could even request a specific serial #. Mine is really perfect and it's fun to shoot.
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