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New gun, just because

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I’ve never owned a Beretta but I bought this one just because. Not very practical. I will never carry it, sights are almost nonexistent. But it’s cool. I was sorta, kinda considering a suppressor but with a wait time of a year I passed, at my age I think twice about buying green bananas.
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I have the same gun and I’ve had a hell of a time with mine. First model showed up and the mags would not lock into the gun. Would drop mags literally in the middle of shooting. Sent it back to Beretta and they ended up sending me a brand new gun as a replacement.

This second iteration had a defective barrel lever (the one that releases the tip-up barrel) that would not move, and when it did the barrel would not spring up like it’s supposed to. Minor issue in addition to that, but the wood grips were definitely mis-matched rejects from the spare parts bin. One is a rich brown and the other is so dark it’s almost black. Not a big deal but annoying. And the mag they sent back with it wouldn’t even fit into the gun - the reloading lever was out of spec and stuck out too far.

Very frustrated, I sent the gun back to Beretta yet again and they repaired the lever and replaced the mag. Came back with the same grips tho. Oh well, mine is unique I suppose.

All that trouble for a small low capacity gun I will never carry, doesn’t suppress well at all, and has sights so horrible you can’t expect any degree of accuracy out of it. Will probably end up as a trade or sale at some point. Hope you have better luck with yours but this gun does nothing but anger me when I see it 😅
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