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New 220 Hunter is a brass flinger!

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Last week I purchased a P220 10mm Elite Hunter. Took it to the range today. Great shooting gun and and I really like the 10mm cartridge but this pistol can really fling the brass. The brass from the box of PPU I shot was going at least 12 or 15 feet to my right and 3 or 4 feet to the rear. The Sig ammo I shot was hotter than the PPU. I started looking for the brass and it was not where the PPU brass was being found or even close. Finally found it on the other side the truck. That brass was clearing the top of the truck at least 15 feet away and lending about 15 feet on the other side of the truck and farther to the rear. Traveling a minimum of 30 feet at least. Is this the nature of the beast? Any idea if ejector is tuneable like a 1911? Want to save the 10mm brass for reloading. Thanks
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