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Besides tfx/tfo other types of fiber optic sights that are good in dark?

I am kind of a sight ***** hahaha I have a ton of firearms that i consider just range guns so whenever I see a sight that looks interesting I put it on one of my range guns and depending how i like it then it might make it into my edc. The last few sights ive tried are: the diamond shaped speed sights on one of my p226, advantage tactical pyramid type sights on one of my p320 compact FDE/black, & the TFX green front sight w siglite rear sight (having hard time deciding whether to do TFX rear sight or leave siglite rear) on another one of my p320 compact FDE/black.

So i would be interested to hear & see what others like & also if anybody has a question about any of the sights about anything from installation to favorite ones just ask.
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