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Need help with new 556xi

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Can anyone tell me why this 556xi I'm about to pick up has what appears to be an old style pistol grip???? I can't find anything about it online and it's kind of throwing up red flags for me for some reason. Also does anyone know a good place to find a swat hand guard for the gun? I've also tried to find them for sale online but I can't find them. Sorry I'm new to the platform and new to the site. But I do appreciate all the help.

I guess while I'm here I should ask if I'm good to run steel Ammo in it? Also what red dot do you prefer running on your?


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I’m guessing someone just swapped the grip out. My xi lower has a hogue grip, so they are compatible with older grips. There is a possibility the lower is from a 556 classic. I can’t tell from your pics, the xi lowers are stamped with the new round Sig logo like the newer rifles. Yours has the cheek weld riser, so it probably is an xi lower. Cool gun. Yes, it should chew steel ammo up like candy
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