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My TLR-6 holster search

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I recently put a Streamlight TLR-6 on my P238 and I can't seem to find a decent holster to fit. The best I have found is an Uncle Mike's size4 pocket holster, size3 is too small and size4 is too big. Anybody else have a TLR-6 that can give me some suggestions? Before I added it I was happy with my Desantis Nemesis pocket and my Tagua IWB leather holsters.
Oh yeah, my first post, i've been searching around and finding some ah-ha moments learning about my P238 here. Thanks for all the information already. If I can't find some info about a small issue I'm having I will post up again.
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Mika Pocket Holster.

Robert makes these custom to your need, best pocket holster I own.

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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