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I recently finally got a M11-A1 I have been looking for one for a couple of years now and finally some popped up on Midway USA ,so I grabbed one.
What a great gun the only thing that bothered me was the stock grips.
They just felt a hair too big for my comfort.
I ordered a E2 grip set up and gave them a try they defiantly are smaller and felt great in my hand.
AS you know there a clam shape snap on type of deal comes with a tool to put them on and take them off.
Easy to install comes with everything you need to do the change over from Sig.
The only thing that I noticed was some of the gaps between the frame and the grip were a little off
no biggie but the stock grips fit perfect no gaps any were just what you would expect out of a Sig.
Then I got to thinking and thought wow wouldn't it be nice if the E2 had screws like the stock 2 piece set up
with the added extra benefit of the clam shell with no seam in the rear.
So I called SIG SAUER and talked to the custom shop and felt kinda stupid asking, but I had to try anyway and asked if I could get the E2 grips with the screw holes in them made up they said that was not going to happen hey I gave it a shot any way.
Well being a stubborn old retired senior citizen I went out to my little gun shop and came up with this.
I Machined the E2 used the screws from the stock G10 and wham bam thank you mam they look Kool fit tight no gaps and smaller in size to fit my hand.
So for those of you who like the E2 but find them a little loosie goosy here ya go.
Just thought I would throw this out there for your entertainment.
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