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My P227….

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If I’m going to give it a bath and want to remove the firing pin and extractor and clean cavities as well I’m going to have to remove the single use pins, throw out and replace with new pins!
Only one pin is visible from the top of the slide
and that would be the firing pen retaining pin!
The question is, is this second other Single use pin that should be removed and thrown out and replaced the non visible extractor pin???
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I’ve never replaced those pins in my 227. Had it apart only a few times. Didn’t know they where single use.
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I didn't know they were single use either, but I would say the good news is you should be able to use P220 parts if you need new pins and those are around as opposed to the P227 which is getting harder and harder to come by.
Short Extractor Pins are not "single use" pins, only those used as Pivot points for the "Long Extractor" P224, P226, and P229 Slides. They are the "coiled" style pins.

With a P227, all you should have is the Firing Pin Positioning Pin.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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