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Hi All,

My new pair.
Bought a 938 first and before it was even broken in I had to have the smaller 238 that I immediately sent to Sig for an Ambi safety installation. Expecting it back shortly. Probably could have done it myself if I could have gotten the parts but decided not to mess with the warranty.

Being a lefty sometimes has it's disadvantages.(even though some say we're special, LOL !!!!!) Auto pistols may be one of them. Breaking in the 938 I'm getting to many mag drops. Not sure if it's my grip with the 7 rnd mag or the mag retention system. About 150 rnds thru it so far.
Form what I've read here there is a fix for it, and Sig said to send it back and has sent me a return form. Good experiences with them to date.
Others say the fix worked, but I'm still a little skeptical whether it will solve the problem of shooting left handed. Had no problem running with the right hand but it's just not natural for me and my hold left handed had no finger on the release button but near it.

I'm going remove the Hogue grip as it pushes my middle finger up towards but not touching the mag release and may be causing the drop because of the recoil. Going to put the grn/gry Piranha grips on it and see if that makes a difference.

Could also be a mag problem. Have a 6 rnd mag coming to try to eliminate one more possibility. Also have a 7 rnd mag coming for the 238 and asked them to do the mods to it's mag retention system while they had it. We'll see - hoping for the best as I really like this pair but need to rely on them for sure.

At any rate I'll be waiting for the 238 to come home and then will most likely send Sig the 938 for their fix.


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Actually you need two of each. That way, you have two pair to draw to.

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Mag drop could be the ammo. Mine drops every mag with one ammo and zero with another. I'm giving away my last 2 boxes of the culprit.
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