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My MK25 search is over

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For the longest time I've wanted one of these. Being ex Navy and a Sig fan it was the perfect tie in, but I just couldn't spend $1100 on one.

Today I checked R/GunDeals like I usually do towards the end of the work day and what do I find? A stock of MK25 police trade-ins for $550 :eek:

Needless to say I pounced! I have no idea which PD would use an MK25 but I don't really care, it was a hell of a deal. Will post pics when she arrives.

I was going to share the deal but they are OOS.
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Congrats! Great sale!

Managed to pick one up at a RARE Gander Mountain sale for my son, a while back. Less than $900.00 + tax, IIRC.

Got mine as a gift from Spouse. Paid full price, couldn't find a deal in the Dallas area, which is unusual, but not for that gun.
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