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My first time with the P320 RX at the range

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Hello all. I finally was able to do some shooting. today, and I wanted to give my impressions/review of the full size P320 RX. First, a bit of background on me as a shooter. I purchased my first handgun about 3 years ago, a S&W M&P.40. I wasn't able to shoot with it much due to lack of a range near me at the time. About a year later a range opened up in my area, I got a membership and for about six months was shooting 2-3 times a month. Then my wife tells me we are expecting. So needless to say, no more shooting up $200 a month in ammo. Well, I conviced my wife that we had the ability to get me back into shooting, but due to cataract surgery, I. could no longer use standard sights well, thus a. red dot seemed like the solution. And so far it is looking that way. For my first time I shot 100 rds of Winchester white box, plus 16 rds of Hornady critical defense to test through the gun. No malfunctions of any kind. At first I was shooting low left, until I lined the dot with the top of my front post. The dot takes a bit of getting used to, and sometimes took a second or two to get lined up. The recoil I could best describe as an impulse, not snappy and quick to get back on target.

So will the RX be the right choice for you? If you have older. eyes, have had cataract surgery, or are looking for a a way to quickly get on target without spending your life savings then I would say yes. As a side note, I learned today that foam earplugs don't cut it at an indoor range.
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Congrats! I had my P320 at the range for the second time today. I must say it's a great shooter. I enjoyed the Romeo1 the first time out but found I was shooting better with it today. It takes just a bit to become accustomed to the sight. I found that looking at the target vs the sight made the difference. I looked at the target and the red dot was there. Pulled that to the exact spot I wanted to shoot and bingo.
I hope you enjoy your P320 as much as I. Old eyes need all the help they can get.
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