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I've been watching all the fun people shooting PCC (Pistol Caliber Carbine) have been having at the local matches. My Production Division P226 is a great shooter, even if I'm not (yet)...but...I wanna play with the cool kids.

So I got my unfired MPX pistol ready to sell...and bought an MPX Carbine. (Of course, I haven't quite sold the MPX pistol yet....but I HAD to go get the only Carbine I could find in my area).

Here's what we've done so far:

Mounted Sig Romeo 4B red dot sight (had it on the MPX Pistol)
Put on Magpul K2 Grip (steeper angle than standard AR grip)
Got four Gen 2 mags from Prepper Gun Shop (List $67, their price $39.99!)
Added Springer Precision magazine bases in red (These do not add any capacity, but there is a no-cost way to add four or five rounds by trimming the base plate projection).
Ordered four black Blade-Tech MPX mag pouches from the Sig Sauer store (on sale at $19)
Ordered "Bottom Feeder" Magwell from Shooting Sports Innovations (Not cheap but it's 3D it's like from the future, kinda.)
Switched out collapsible MPX stock for a Sig thin folder I had from another project (Not sure this will be the final choice. Ordered a Sig MPX/MCX folding telescopic stock that may provide a more comfortable cheek position. This stock bolts on the Picatinny rail on the rear of the MPX. No adapters, buffer tubes, etc.)
Stock trigger will be replaced with a Geissele SSA or similar, maybe an Elftmann AR-10 trigger (getting good reviews for use in MPX).

Then I read the PCC Division rules v e r y carefully..... Of course, normal Open Sights are legal....Red Dot sights are legal....and....wait for it....LASERS are legal. Well, let's just bolt on that Crimson Trace GREEN laser we took off another pistol.

We may just have reached the "Overkill 9000" level of...uh...overkill.:eek:

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Report to follow once I actually shoot the thing...



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