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I think this question is old...I need Mosquito parts, but first some of the info/facts I THINK I have:

-I don't think there are any parts online. I tried those big 3, top gun supply, brownells, and something that started with an 'n', based on recommedations in other forums, but just the same, recoil springs and mags.

-I'm guessing no sights for this thing, I'm not a gunsmith so pardon the vocabulary, but a metal tab comes up from the breech block and thru the top of the slide to interface with a screw on the adjustable sight, don't know how common this is? (locks the sight directly to the block? Anyway it's strange) My question, could a gunsmith tap the slide and mount weaver rail/s there? It seems it may need special consideration due to the slide being a cheaper alloy? If this is feasable, I would remove the metal tab. If the tab were removed, there also might be some sights that would fit the dovetail? Instead of the rails, is there a better way to get new iron sights or night sights on here?

-The part I actually do need at the moment is #23 'LOCK', or
that rattling piece left in the frame after a field strip.

-I called SIG, they said they don't carry the part, and that I would have to mail it in...

-If they have to mail it to Germany, I don't want this whole thing to be too expensive, that part was a cheap alloy, but I think the part is from GSG, I'm told they make the pistol. I wonder if GSG importer ATI would be of any help?

Thanks, and perhaps I'll post a review later, or the ludicrous story of why I need part 23.
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