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Your thread title sounds like it is failing to eject. What ammunition are you firing. I have a FireFly (used to be made for SIG and sold as the Mosquito) and I use only CCI Mini Mags or Browning BPR 40gr round nose. Both have a muzzle velocity over 1,200 FPS. From what I have read, people who are firing slower rounds through their Mosquito have problems, while those firing the higher velocity rounds have few problems. I have over 550 rounds through my FireFly with very few issues.

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Welcome to our SigTalk forum.

Full size "SIG Sauers", "CZ" sport pistols, and classic collectible "USGI 1911s" have always been among my favourite guns, I have owned at least half a dozen SIG Sauers, great guns especially older German-proofed ones, the P226 to me is by far the most reliable pistol that I have owned in over 38 years of shooting handguns, and I've seen enough makes and models, in all service calibers, to know what to trust and what not to.
In the past I've been an avid gun collector also of Lugers; not long ago I started to realize that a huge pile of pistols wasn't making my life any better, but since the COLT 1911 has always been in my heart I still own a bunch of them.
I never stop learning with enthusiasm.
After over 38 years of guns-ownership I still enjoy shooting my own reloadings at IDPA ranges at least twice a week.
JMO this is one of the best gun forums among the several I belong to, to me it's quite a learning experience. hope you'll enjoy your time here.

Safe shooting.

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I have a mosquito that fails to fire single action what is the cause and solution please.
Welcome from the Buckeye state.

We would need a bit more description of the problem in order to be of any help (exactly what does it do and when does it do it). From what little you said it could be any number of things.

The obvious first - check that the safety is off. It acts the same with it on, but it won't fire. That happened to someone I know. I won't say who....

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Agree with the previous posters:
*Make sure the safety is off
*Use some good higher velocity ammo for the first 500 rounds at least
*Clean it often

Mine runs good when I am shooting CCI Mini-Mags and when I clean it about every 200 rounds. I have enough rounds through it now that I have started trying other ammo. It works okay with Armscor ammo, but I was having FTE problems with Aguila. Lot of trial and error with .22 ammo sometimes.
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