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More stupid questions. Barrel conversions.

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Fortunately folks around here seem to give smart answers.

I have an older, 2005 or so factory electroless nickel P229 in .40. My first sig....I know I can drop a .357 barrel in and be good to go.

I also know my M11A1 is born and will stay a 9, so that's that.

I'm curious about experience with the .40 to 9mm, is the conversion a reasonably close equivalent to a factory born 9mm? I'm thinking a p226 .40 or .357 SSE with three barrels would be a blast since I don't have a p226. I just am curious if I want to shoot 9mm half the time If I'm going to wish I had just bought a 9.

Are there any instances of issues with slide damage or "stuff" with the conversion barrels other than the .40/.357? Sure hate to screw up my p229.

Has anyone tried the .400 Corbon in a P220? Could be fun.....

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