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Model 41 Targetmaster

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When Mrs Tinyman's Aunt passed, she wanted me to have her Mod 41. I found it in the attic and cleaned it up. Used Aero Kroil & 00000 steel wool on the barrel, Hoppes and oiled the bore. Shined up the stock with lemon pledge.

What a rifle this is. Call it a tack driver, but . . .

No scope, no optics, the operator (me) with a laser-repaired detached retina in left eye, cataract & off-the-shelf lens in right eye (both eyes are 73 years old), still got 3" groups @ 25 yards.

If I had to list any problems, it would be its a single shot. All-in-all not bad for one made (according to Google) between 1936 and 1939.
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FWIW... when cleaning a gun, find some "copper" wool. It is more gentle than even the finest steel wool. If you are removing a spot or two of rust from a gun, find an "old" copper penny (not the copper plated zinc that are out now). Apply a couple of drops of your favorite thin oil or lube... even WD-40 and rub the rust spot with your penny.
Get a piece of balsa wood doweling. Put gun oil on the end/tip. Rub gently. The rust will be gone, but not any remaining finish/bluing.
Thanks -- will try.
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