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This is the third post about grinding down the tip off the Sig SRT (Short Reach Trigger not the SRT Short Reset Trigger or the SRT Sig Racing Team or the SRT Sig Rowing Team or any other Sig SRT)

I appreciate the explanations of fellow Sigsters correcting me on the complexity of the various SRT.
Sig could have and should have made different designations but alas never expect a German based company to uncomplicate anything they can over complicate

This mod so improved my M11A-1 I repeated the process on another M11A-1 and the purpose of this thread is to say since I did the take down and removal and reinstall of the trigger this time it was a snap, went to so well I was baffled.
You see originally I actually modded a new trigger I got from a member in a package so when i decided to mod my brand new M11A-1 I wanted the new trigger in that (And I could keep the original that came with that new gun in case I needed to reinstall for a warranty issue)
So, I ground off the SRT from the older (2012) M11A-1 that was now out of the gun, removed the modded SRT new from a member I previously ground down from that gun, installed the just modded original to the 2012 gun and then removed the brand new trigger (fired 79 rounds) and put that modded newer one from the member that had been in the 2012 gun in my brand new M11A-1 2016 build.
Yes, what I just said is very confusing it is not just you and I know what I meant and it is still confusing!!!

The point is I have now removed and installed 3 triggers and only the first one was even a little difficult.
The P227 video is exactly how a P229 is done and for me doing it was a lot easier than watching the gunsmith do the P227.

To say this transformed the pistol is an understatement. Of, course, this depends on the size and shape of your finger but this is certainly cheaper than sending the gun back to Sig and replacing the SRT with the original style also known as the "Fat" trigger
The "Fat" trigger does not bother my hand (On my P225A-1, P220C or P227R) and obviously this has nothing to do with the SRT (Short RESET Trigger) which is on my P225A-1 which has the SRT with the "Fat" trigger and is fine

However, The modded SRT (Short REACH Trigger) is better than the "Fat" trigger (IMO) so when i see someone dumping those cheap i will snag them and put in my other Sigs, modified of course

At the bottom I put the notes I used taken from the P227 Trigger swap video. These should only be used after you have watched the video and are familiar with these notes (and maybe mod them to suit you). These notes saved going back and forth for minor things but I advise you click on the video and have it handy in case you want to watch something with a problem..
I also recommend when you disassemble the Sig you take a picture of the spring placement under the right removed grip and if you want PM me and I can send my phone number and you can call if you have a problem

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Thread #2

Modded next to unmodded SRT
Remove, replace Sig P trigger

1: Remove take down lever (Use lever flat spot to hold spring)

2: Remove trigger locking spring on right side

3: Lift locking block out (Pivot pin must be oriented horizontal to put locking block back in)

4: Push out pivot pin. (Notice notches on bottom of pin for replacing locking block)

5: Remove sear lever trigger bar of right side and remove trigger

6: Put replacement trigger in sear lever notch and put back in gun and replace pivot pin from left to right remember notch position

7: Hold slide lock against frame, watching spring position. This may be difficult, be patient while reinstalling slide block

8: Reinstall take down lever, using flat side to go over spring


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Why does this same thing need multiple threads? Seems you could just update one single thread.
I really don't know. :bbq:

I will ask myself that and as soon as I can come up with an answer I will start another thread and post that answer:geek:
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