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Meet My 2017 Summer Carry Camp

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Yeah, spring's arrived and even here at 7,500ft elevation, T-shirt weather will eventually be here too. So, am thinking about my seasonal carry rotation. We'll get these gals ready for some range times real soon.

Here's the lineup, from right to left:

- SIG P229 SAS in 357SIG with Federal's HST 125g hotties. This is a new caliber for this 229, but it's fun to shoot and I like its penetration. I mean, bad guys driving vehicles is a much bigger threat now, and 357sig's effectiveness through auto body panels &/or glass, as well as accuracy in longer shots seems a good fit.

- SIG 225-A1 in 9mm with Federal 147g +P. This is a very easy to conceal single stack, with carry friendly mags too. Luv our range time with this cutie too!

- HK P30SK LEM in 9mm also with Federal 147g +P. Another great shooter that I luv to squeeze!!

- SIG P938 in 9mm with Speer's Gold Dot 124g normal pressure. Everone needs a 'mouse gun' and 938 is usually riding in her appendix kydex during our morning road work. Easy to conceal under a light T, and doesn't mind a little sweat.



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