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Hi all, I'm new here, but not new to Sig... Can anyone tell me if Sig still has a supply of "Manhole Covers" for the early GSR? Obviously mine disappeared as did the spring and FPS plunger... I've heard on the web that Sig didn't have them, but it was an old post. Alternatively, does anyone know what length and size of the threads in the event I have to find the screw from somewhere else?
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The manhole cover was the retainer screw for the Series 80 Firing pin Safety on the original Sig GSR. The original screw was a "spanner style" head with two holes that required a special driver. It's no longer available from Sig, so we crafted this hex head SS screw from a 6-32 Cap head screw this afternoon. It's been years since I've been near a lathe, but it came back quickly.

For future reference on the site: We turned down a standard 1/2" 6-32 Stainless screw to a width of .190 As you can see, the hex head of 5/64ths still has its integrity. The length has to be adjusted to the proper size, based on your FPS plunger. Personally.... I like the look.

Short story, job done. Sig wanted a big nut to install a new slide. A .35 cent SS screw and an hour of work did just fine.
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